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If you are a Girls Chat Mod, please log in with Username and Password here:

Moderator Rules

1. Users with names referring to a sexual, racist or inapropriate subjects will be asked to change user name or leave the room. If they refuse to do so, it will result in user being banned.
2. Users with webcameras will be asked to not advertise their address on main or ask for camera connections.
3. Any user speaking in a sexual nature on main will be warned once, removed from the room after one warning, banned if actions are repeated.
4. Any user flooding or speaking in a racist way, fighting or disrupting the room will be warned once, removed then if user continues ban will be used.
5. The ages for this room is 13 plus, although it is labeled as a girls only room, males are welcome as long as they do not use it as a room for sexual purposes or disrupt the room in any way. If male users break these rules they will be removed by banning.
6. When mods enter the room they are to scroll down the users name list and remove names that suggest inapropriate intentions or any of the specific names from the second rule.
7. Advertising is strictly forbidden, either advertising alternate sites or personal email addresses.
8.Mods are NOT allowed to participate in rooms other than the main room. If asked to enter an outer room to resolve a problem the mod is to returnto the main room as soon as the problem is resolved.
9. Mods are NOT permitted to remove users for personal reasons.
10. Mods are NOT allowed to argue with other mods. If there are issues, please email the Chatmaster at:
11. Mods are NOT allowed to share their passwords with anyone. If they do, they will be fired immediately with no exceptions.
12. Mods are NOT allowed to share any of their moderator information with anyone including those pretending to be the Chatmaster. The Chatmaster (or any other admin) will NEVER ask you to give out your password. Those who do not comply will be fired.
13. This moderator login page is to be kept confidential and is for authorized users only. Do not share this url with anyone.
14. Mods are restricted from posting user IP addresses in public forum or any other place deemed to be used for public consumption.
15. The room Admin is the only person permitted to remove or alter the ban list , any mod found to have altered the ban list will lose the ban option.
16. Your ip address is recorded when you log into the chat as a mod. Unauthorized IPs will be banned and this is used to determine whether you are sharing mod passwords with anyone else.
17. When adding a user to the ban list, tick only the upper ip box, IPS ONLY NO HOSTS.

Failure to comply with any of the above rules will result in the immediate termination of a moderator.

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